Product & Services


We listen to you, drawing on our extensive experience and expertise, to build a personal roadmap for your financial well-being. We help you maximise your existing financial resources by using the appropriate financial planning tools and investment vehicles to best achieve your financial goals.

Pension &
Retirement Planning

We work alongside you to identify your retirement income goals and the actions necessary to accomplish said goals, as well as to explore your Pension options to work out how you can get the most from your pension income. We can help you select a pension that best fits your personal circumstances and needs.

Savings &
Investment Advice

Based on your current financial and savings position and your goals, we provide sound and personalised advice. We recommend that our clients diversify their assets as one means to balance risk and reward in their investment portfolio, while respecting the client's particular attitude to risk.

Protection &
Life Assurance

Protection planning is a key part of the financial planning process. Life Assurance, Serious Illness Cover and Income Protection are very effective products that can make a huge difference to your loved ones' lives should the unexpected happen. We help you choose the right type and level of cover for you and your family.

Con Friel & Company is a Financial Services Consultancy dedicated to providing unparalleled service and expert advice to clients, tailored to their specific financial needs and goals. Set up in 1986, the company boasts more than thirty years’ experience in helping clients to prepare and execute their financial plans. 

We offer a bespoke range of services for both individuals and businesses, which span retirement planning and pensions; investments, savings and wealth management; financial protection and life assurance; and corporate financial services.