Our Approach

Con Friel & Company helps individual and corporate clients to plan and prioritise their financial objectives. We ensure that our clients are well informed about the financial options available to them.

We offer financial advice across a wide range of areas and products that best suit the client’s needs and objectives in a tax-efficient manner. Con Friel & Company advise clients with their best interests at heart and act with the utmost integrity and confidentiality in all dealings related to our clients.


When Con Friel & Company first meet with our clients, we start with a general discussion on various financial matters. This is followed by a ‘fact find’ to gain an understanding of a client’s current financial position and a discussion of the options available to the client as a potential strategy. We identify areas, products and funds that are suited to our clients and their needs. When it comes to Pensions, Savings and Investments, Con Friel & Company ascertain the level of risk that a client is comfortable with by completing a Risk Assessment Questionnaire.


Con Friel & Company recommend and advise on the most suitable product in accordance with the client’s needs and objectives.  We ensure that clients fully understand why a particular recommendation has been made, how it is suited to their needs, how they may benefit and all the Terms & Conditions attached. When a client decides to proceed, we ensure the application process is straightforward and has been processed correctly and in a timely fashion.


We work closely with our clients and encourage them to contact us whenever they require financial advice or have any financial queries. Con Friel & Company endeavour to meet with our clients to conduct a review at least once a year. As our client’s needs, objectives and circumstances change, we advise our clients accordingly in order to safeguard their savings and investments and stay on track to accomplish their financial objectives and goals.